HONG KONG  (China)


Name Country Est. Language Owner Period Format Political View Circulation Website AMW Credibility Score AMW Verified
Asia Times China 1995 English Asia Times Holdings Limited Daily Online Center      100,000 Website 8.87 NO
South China Morning Post China 1903 English Alibaba Group Daily Print, Online Pro-China      310,000 Website 8.78 NO
Ming Pao China 1959 Chinese Media Chinese International Limited Daily Print, Online Neutral Website
8.76 green checkmark
The Hong Kong Economic Journal China 1973 Chinese Clermont Media Limited Daily Print, Online Center         85,000 Website 8.71  green checkmark
Hong Kong Economic Times China 1988 Chinese Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings Daily Print, Online Pro-business      245,000 Website 8.53 green checkmark
The Standard China 1949 English The Standard Newspapers Publishing  Daily Print, Online Center      200,450 Website 8.41 green checkmark
Sing Tao Daily China 1938 Chinese Sing Tao Newspaper Group Limited Daily Print, Online Pro-government      410,000 Website 8.46 green checkmark
Hong Kong Free Press China 2015 English Non-profit Daily Online Center-left Website 8.38 NO
Asia Environmental Daily China 2007 English Asia Newswire Daily Online Center-left   1,200,000 Website 8.24 green checkmark
Metro Daily China 2002 Chinese Metro Daily Online Center      978,786 Website 7.82 NO
The News Lens China 2013 Chinese Various Daily Online Center Website 7.66 green checkmark
China Daily Hong Kong Edition China 1997 English China Daily Daily Online Pro-China Website 7.35 NO
Career Times China 1952 Chinese Shenzhen News Group Daily Print, Online Conservative      210,000 Website 7.31 green checkmark
Sing Pao Daily News China 1939 Chinese Gu Zhuoheng Daily Print, Online Liberal      161,000 Website 7.22 NO
am730 China 2001 Chinese Shih Wing Ching Daily Print, Online Liberal      653,000 Website 7.15 green checkmark
Headline Daily China 2005 Chinese Sing Tao News Corporation Online Pro-China   1,000,000 Website 6.84 green checkmark
Oriental Daily News China 1969 Chinese Oriental Press Group Limited Daily Print, Online Liberal   1,800,000 Website 3.75 NO
Hong Kong Commercial Daily China 1952 Chinese State owned Daily Print, Online Pro China Website 3.87 NO
Ta Kung Pao China 1902 Chinese State owned Daily Print, Online Liberal      400,000 Website 3.65 NO
Wen Wei Po China 1948 Chinese State owned Daily Print, Online Conservative      420,000 Website 3.53 NO
Apple Daily China 1995 Chinese Next Digital Daily Print, Online Critical of govt.   1,750,000 Website 3.29 NO



The above rankings were last updated on February 28, 2019, and are based on the most recent Credibility Score Reports and Annual Audit Reports issued as of the end of 2018.



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