Name Region Established Language Owner Period Format Political View Topics Circulation Website AMW Credibility Score AMW Verified
TheMarker Israel 2008 Hebrew Haaretz Group Daily Print, online Independent, Pro-business Business      125,000 Website 8.82 NO
Yedioth Ahronoth Israel 1939 Hebrew Yedioth Ahronoth Group Daily Print, online Neutral All      300,000 Website 8.82 green checkmark
Courier Israel 1991 Russian Libo Feigin Daily Online Neutral All        90,700 Website 8.77 green checkmark
Globes Israel 1983 Hebrew Alona Bar-On and Anat Agmon Daily Print, online Centrist Business        35,000 Website 8.77 NO
Calcalist Israel 2008 Hebrew Yedioth Ahronoth Group Daily Print, online Neutral Business        93,300 Website 8.76 NO
Haaretz Israel 1919 Hebrew, English Schocken Family Daily Print, online Liberal, Left All        72,000 Website 8.68 NO
Maariv Israel 1948 Hebrew Eli Azur Daily Print, online Centrist All        90,000 Website 8.62 NO
The Jerusalem Post Israel 1932 English, French The Jerusalem Post Group Daily Print, online Independent All        50,000 Website 8.60 NO
Kul al-Arab Israel 1987 Arabic Al-Arab Group Weekly Print, online Independent All        38,000 Website 8.59 NO
Al-Madina Israel 2004 Arabic Rana Asali Weekly Print, online Centrist All        27,000 Website 8.50 green checkmark
Israel Hayom Israel 2007 Hebrew, English Miriam Adelson Daily Print, online Centre-right All      325,000 Website 8.50 NO
B'Sheva Israel 2002 Hebrew Arutz Sheva Weekly Print, online Religious Zionism All      130,000 Website 8.37 green checkmark
Yated Ne'eman Israel 1985 Hebrew Degel HaTorah Daily Print, online Haredi Judaism All        20,000 Website 8.33 NO
Makor Rishon Israel 1997 Hebrew Sheldon Adelson Weekly Print, online Right-wing, Religious Zionism All      300,000 Website 8.32 NO
Vesti Israel 1992 Russian Yedioth Ahronoth Group Daily Print, online Right-wing All        55,000 Website 8.30 NO
Hamodia Israel 1950 English Ruth Lichtenstein Daily Print, online Haredi Judaism Haredi Judaism        32,000 Website 8.26 green checkmark
Al-Ittihad Israel 1944 Arabic Israeli Communist Party Daily Print, online Far Left Politics, current events      109,640 Website 8.25 NO
Israel Post Israel 2007 Hebrew Metro Israel Ltd. Daily Print Neutral All        28,571 none 7.00 NO



The above rankings were last updated on February 28, 2019, and are based on the most recent Credibility Score Reports and Annual Audit Reports issued as of the end of 2018.



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