Name Region Established Language Owner Period Format Political View Circulation Website AMW Credibility Score AMW Verified
UB Post Mongolia 1996 English Mongol News Media Group Daily Online Centre      350,000 Website 8.00 NO
Montsame Mongolia 1921 English MONTSAME NEWS AGENCY Daily Online Pro-govt.      275,000 Website 6.00 NO
olloo Mongolia 2004 Mongolian Olloo LLC Daily Online Centre      100,000 Website 5.7 NO
Udriin Sonin Mongolia 1999 Mongolian Udriin Medee LLC Daily Print Pro-govt.        10,000 none 5.60 NO
Unuudur Mongolia 2008 Mongolian Mongolusus" Co., Ltd Daily Print Pro-govt.        12,000 Website 5.50 NO Mongolia 2011 Mongolian Media Group LLC Daily Online Centre          2,500 Website 5.5 NO
Ugloonii Sonin Mongolia 2006 Mongolian Ugloonii Sonin Co Ltd  Daily Print, Online Centre-right          4,000 Website 5.34 NO
Mongolyn Medee Mongolia 1998 Mongolian Mongolyn Medee Media House Daily Print, Online Centre          1,500 Website 5.24 NO
Undeshnii Shuudan Mongolia 2007 Mongolian Undesnii Shuudan NGO Daily Print Centre          5,000 na 5.21 NO
Uls Turiin Toim Mongolia 2011 Mongolian NShMedia newspaper  Daily Print Centre          1,500 na 5.1 NO
Eagle Mongolia 2013 Mongolian Mongol mass media group  Daily Online Centre          2,000 Website 5.09 NO
Undesnii Medee Mongolia 2011 Mongolian Tavan Tolgoi Trans Co Ltd Daily Print, Online Centre-right          4,000 Website 5.08 NO
ikon Mongolia 2013 Mongolian Benecraft LLC Daily Online Centre          3,000 Website 5.05 NO
Zasgiin Gazryn Medee Mongolia 2014 Mongolian National News Corporation Daily Print Centre          4,300 na 5.03 NO
Zuuny Medee Mongolia 1998 Mongolian ZGMS LLC Daily Print, Online Centre-left          5,000 Website 5.02 NO
Mongolyn Unen Mongolia 1920 Mongolian Mongolian People’s Party Daily Online Centre-left          4,000 Website 5.02 NO Mongolia 2009 Mongolian Mongolian Public Opinion LLC Daily Online Centre 120 Website 3.88 NO Mongolia 2011 Mongolian Mongolian Wire News LLC Daily Online Centre 100 Website 3.58 NO Mongolia 2015 Mongolian Khukh-Akh NGO Daily Online Centre 250 Website 3.22 NO Mongolia 2010 Mongolian Media Co Ltd Daily Online Centre 100 Website 3.16 NO



The above rankings were last updated on February 28, 2019, and are based on the most recent Credibility Score Reports and Annual Audit Reports issued as of the end of 2018.



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