Name Region Established Language Owner Period Format Political View Topics Circulation Website AMW Credibility Score AMW Verified
The Korea Times National 1950 English Hankook Ilbo Daily Print, Online Centre All 1,100,000 Website 9.13 NO
JoongAng Ilbo National 1965 Korean JoongAng Media Network Daily Print, Online Centre-right All 1,292,498 Website 8.99 NO
The Dong-a Ilbo National 1920 Korean Dong-A Ilbo, Co. Daily Print, Online Conservative All 1,200,000 Website 8.84 green checkmark
The Chosun Ilbo National 1920 Korean Chosun Ilbo Co. Daily Print, Online Conservative All  1,800,000 Website 8.76 NO
Maeil Business Newspaper National 1966 Korean, English  Maekyung Media Group Daily Online Moderate Business     900,000 Website 8.73 NO
Seoul Gyeongje National 1960 Korean Seoul Economic Daily Daily Online Centre-right Business     800,000 Website 8.69 NO
Stock Daily National 1966 Korean MAEKUNG MEDIA GROUP Daily Online Centre-right Business     885,490 Website 8.68 green checkmark
Money Today Seoul 2000 Korean MoneyToday Co. Daily Online Centre-right Business     875,000 Website 8.66 NO
Seoul Shinmun National 1904 Korean Seoul Newspaper Co., Ltd. Daily Print, Online Moderate Progressive All     780,000 Website 8.64 NO
The Hankyoreh National 1988 Korean Hankyoreh Newspaper Corp. Daily Print, Online Progressive All     600,000 Website 8.52 NO
Korea IT News National 2001 Korean ETNews Daily Online Centre IT     462,709 Website 8.09 green checkmark
Halla Ilbo Jeju 1989 Korean Hanla Ilbo Daily Online Centre Local     119,183 Website 8.24 NO
Hankook Ilbo National 1954 Korean Hankook Ilbo Media Group Daily Print, Online Centre All     150,547 Website 8.20 NO
Gangwon Ilbo Chuncheon 2011 Korean KwNews Corp. Daily Online Centre Local     145,025 Website 8.18 green checkmark
Hankook Gyeongje National 1964 Korean, English, Japanese Media Group Daily Online Centre-right Business     216,844 Website 8.13 green checkmark
Jeju Ilbo Jeju 1948 Korean Jeju Ilbo Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Daily Online Centre Local     143,949 Website 8.11 NO
Dongyang Ilbo Cheongju 1991 Korean Dongyang Daily 'Blue Flags of the Earth' Daily Print, Online Centre Local     114,168 Website 8.11 NO
Munhwa Ilbo National 1991 Korean Munhwa Ilbo Co. Daily Print, Online Centre All     250,000 Website 8.10 NO
Sports Chosun National 1990 Korean Sports Chosun Daily Online Centre Sports     300,000 Website 8.09 green checkmark
Daegu Shinmun Daegu 1970 Korean Daegu Shinmun Daily Print, Online Centre Local     117,668 Website 8.09 NO
Chungcheong Daily Cheongju 1946 Korean Chungcheong Daily Daily Online Centre All     198,255 Website 8.07 NO
Kyunghyang Shinmun National 1946 Korean Kyunghyang, Co. Daily Print, Online Moderate Progressive All     350,000 Website 8.05 NO
Kukmin Ilbo National 1988 Korean Kookmin Ilbo Daily Print, Online Progressive All     295,512 Website 8.05 NO
Sports Seoul National 2000 Korean Sports Seoul Daily Online Centre Sports     225,000 Website 8.05 green checkmark
Busan Ilbo Busan 1946 Korean Busan Ilbo Co. Daily Online Centre All     165,522 Website 8.05 NO
The Korea Herald National 1953 English Herald Media Inc. Daily Print, Online Centre All     335,500 Website 8.03 green checkmark
The Financial News National 2000 Korean fn Media Group Daily Online Centre-right Business     300,000 Website 8.02 green checkmark
Kookje Shinmun Busan 1947 Korean Kookje Shinmun Daily Online Centre Local     215,000 Website 8.01 NO
Kyosu Shinmun Seoul 1992 Korean Professor Newspaper Daily Online Centre Local       65,000 Website 8.00 NO
Gyeongnam Domin Ilbo Gyeongsang 1909 Korean Kyungnam Daily Daily Online Centre Local       84,717 Website 7.81 NO
Korea JoongAng Daily National 2000 English Korea JoongAng Daily Daily Print, Online Objective All       21,000 Website 7.04 NO



The above rankings were last updated on February 28, 2019, and are based on the most recent Credibility Score Reports and Annual Audit Reports issued as of the end of 2018.



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