The methodology of audit procedures set by Asia Media Watch and it’s partner CPA firms is designed to exceed the standards set by the Asia Media Rating Council.  All of our professionals throughout the Asia-Pacific are guided by the same approach to methodology, processes and documentation. All audit staff undergo frequent and regular training to help ensure their knowledge is as current as possible.


The high quality of communication is a particular feature of Asia Media Watch’s audit process. Underpinning our audit approach is a commitment to no surprises, with early advice on any potential issues. The amount of senior time we spend on site and the frequent and interactive exchange of views builds a stronger working relationship, brings fresh perspectives and the early identification to emerging issues. Asia Media Watch is confident in the technical abilities of our professionals, who have the extensive experience and authority to make decisions that not only commit the company, but impact on the integrity of the ratings report as well as the reputation of Easton-Harlow Press, Asia Media Watch, and the Asia Media Ratings Council. This empowerment of our professionals, the collegiate nature of the company and regular consultation with our clients means that our response to issues that arise during the audit is prompt, decisive and consistent.


Another strength of our audit approach is the use of technology to enable and streamline audit testing. Asia Media Watch offers the media industry's most technologically empowered audit through the AMW-Media application. AMW-Media provides fully customizable electronic workflows offer industry-leading audit design flexibility for our firm's engagements. AMW-Media brings the power of Asia Media Watch’s collective experience, industry knowledge, and technical skills to our clients on every audit engagement using advanced and secure technology tools.

Quality, Integrity and Independence

Asia Media Watch has its own quality procedures in place to which all partner CPA firms adhere, as well as being subject to external review by the Asia Media Ratings Council. In addition, all our relationships are assessed by an independent Client Service Review, where we obtain direct feedback from the client on the overall quality of Asia Media Watch’s services and relationships. We take rigorous steps to help ensure that potential conflicts are carefully and effectively managed.