Name Region Established Language Owner Period Format Political View Circulation Website AMW Credibility Score AMW Verified
The Star National 1971 English Star Media Group Berhad  Daily Print, Online Pro-government 248,413 Website 9.98 NO
Free Malaysia Today National 2009 English MToday News Sdn. Bhd. Daily Online Independent     300,000 Website 9.88 NO
The Sun National 1993 English Sun Media Corporation Sdn. Bhd. Daily Print, Online Moderate     306,249 Website 9.59 NO
Malaysiakini National 1999 English Mkini Dotcom Sdn Bhd Daily Online Pro-opposition     650,000 Website 9.58 NO
Sin Chew Daily National 1929 Mandarin Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad Daily Print, Online Moderate     460,877 Website 9.36 NO
China Press National 1946 Mandarin The China Press Berhad Daily Print, Online Moderate     202,745 Website 8.99 NO
Harian Metro National 1991 Malay The New Straits Times Press  Daily Online Centre-left     207,119 Website 8.86 NO
Sinar Harian National 2006 Malay Kumpulan Karangkraf Sdn Bhd Daily Print, Online Centre-right     120,000 Website 8.86 green checkmark
Kosmo! National 2004 Malay Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Berhad Daily Print, Online Centre-left     205,520 Website 8.82 NO
Berita Harian National 1957 Malay The New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd Daily Print, Online Moderate     116,754 Website 8.82 green checkmark
Malaysian Digest National 2013 Malay, English Malaysian Digest Daily Online Independent     130,000 Website 8.81 green checkmark
Nanyang Siang Pau National 1923 Mandarin Nanyang Press Daily Print, Online Conservative     114,000 Website 8.8 green checkmark
Kwong Wah Yit Poh Penang 1910 Mandarin Kwong Wah Yit Poh Press Berhad Daily Print, Online Conservative     120,000 Website 8.79 NO
Utusan Malaysia National 1939 Malay, English The Utusan Group Daily Print, Online Centre-right     144,438 Website 8.76 NO
Malay Mail National 1896 English, Chinese Malay Mail Sdn Bhd Daily Print, Online Moderate     115,000 Website 8.76 green checkmark
See Hua Daily News National 1952 Mandarin See Hua Group Daily Print, Online Moderate       67,162 Website 8.24 NO
Malaysia Nanban National 1986 Tamil Datin Zainam Rokiah Daily Print, Online Moderate       98,000 Website 8.23 NO
New Straits Times National 1845 English Media Prima Daily Print, Online Pro-government       62,113 Website 8.21 NO
Amanah National 1978 Malay National Trust Party Daily Online Centre-left       75,000 Website 8.21 green checkmark
The Borneo Post Sabaha, Sarawak 1978 English Borneo Post Sdn Bhd Daily Print, Online Moderate       66,990 Website 8.18 NO
Malaysia Today National 2001 English Malaysia Today Daily Print, Online Moderate       59,099 Website 8.12 green checkmark
Harakah Daily National 1987 Malay Malaysian Islamic Party Daily Online Right-wing       51,181 Website 8.12 green checkmark
The Malaysian Reserve National 2007 English TMR Media Sdn Bhd. Daily Print, Online Moderate       49,202 Website 8.12 green checkmark
Business Times National 1976 English New Straits Times publishing group Daily Online Moderate       50,550 Website 8.10 NO
Oriental Daily News National 2002 Mandarin KTS Group Daily Print, Online Conservative       45,232 Website 8.08 NO
Guang Ming Daily National 1987 Mandarin Rimbunan Hijau Group Daily Print, Online Moderate       58,078 Website 8.07 NO
Agenda Daily National 2001 English Agenda Daily Dot Com Daily Online Independent       48,604 Website 8.07 NO
Malaysian National News Agency National 1968 Malay Malaysia Govt. Daily Online Pro-government       55,364 Website 8.06 NO
New Sarawak Tribune Sarawak 1945 English Private Daily Print, Online Moderate       48,827 Website 8.06 NO
Solidariti Pekerja  National 2008 Malay Socialist Alternative Daily Print, Online Far-left       41,755 Website 8.06 NO
mStar National 2005 Malay Star Media Group. Daily Online Pro-government       60,000 Website 8.06 NO
Focus Malaysia National 2012 English HCK Media Weekly Online Moderate       50,205 Website 8.02 NO
Suara Keadilan National 2005 Malay Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Daily Print, Online Centre-left       45,006 Website 8.00 green checkmark
Thaimoli National 2014 Tamil Thaimoli Sdn Bhd. Daily Online Independent       13,890 Website 7.96 NO
New Sabah Times Sabah 1949 Malay, English Inna Kinabalu Sdn. Bhd. Daily Print, Online Pro-government       19,210 Website 7.59 NO
Labuan Times Labuan Islang 2015 English Labuan Times Daily Online Independent       13,290 Website 7.54 NO
Harian Ekspres Sabah 1963 Malay Sabah Publishing House Sdn. Bhd Daily Online Independent       23,790 Website 7.53 NO
Daily Express Sabah 1963 English, Malay Sabah Publishing House Sdn. Bhd Daily Print, Online Independent       23,790 Website 7.49 NO
Asia Samachar National 2014 English Asia Samachar Daily Online Independent       12,978 Website 7.41 NO
Overseas Chinese Daily News Sabah 1936 Mandarin Sabah Publishing House Sdn. Bhd. Daily Print, Online Moderate       15,214 Website 7.38 NO
Malaysia Outlook National 2016 English Malaysia Outlook Daily Online Moderate       12,000 Website 7.37 NO
Melaka Hari Ini Malacca 1982 Malay Diterbitkan oleh MHI Sdn Bhd Daily Print, Online Moderate       24,000 Website 7.35 NO
Borneo Today Borneo 2016 English Borneo Today Daily Online Independent       14,322 Website 7.34 green checkmark
The Edge Malaysia National 1994 English, Malay The Edge Communications Sdn Bhd Weekly Print, Online Moderate       22,572 Website 7.3 NO
Mingguan Wasilah Sabaha, Sarawak 2009 Malay Yen Media Hall Sdn Bhd Daily Print, Online Moderate       12,311 Website 7.19 NO
Buletin Mutiara Penang 2010 Malay, English State owned Daily Online Pro-government       15,000 Website 7.11 NO
SelangorKini Selangor na Malay, English, Chinese Selangor state government Daily Print, Online Moderate       14,842 Website 7.09 NO



The above rankings were last updated on February 28, 2019, and are based on the most recent Credibility Score Reports and Annual Audit Reports issued as of the end of 2018.



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